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i am dating this wonderful guy and we have been dating 3mo and he paid to get my hair done and next week he is getting me contacts but he said he loves be but is not in love with me and that he is not feeling the feelings he has with girls be for me and he said we and dating but its not a sirous relationship. he said he don't want to break up because he wants to see were it is going and that I may grow on him he is a great guy is there any way I could save this and light his heart on fire?


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  • My boyfriend told me something similar. So we decided to stay together and we started doing things that brought out the real person in us per say...For example, I showed him my love of music and dance and he showed me his love of riding dirtbikes. We just showed each other a part of us that others don't get to see to make each other feel more special in one anothers life... So if it is needed, show him the real you and he may want to get serious with the real you because its possible that he may only see the person you in front f everyone else even if you don't know that your not showing your true colors for him, try... I got this same advice and I didn't think it would make anything better at all but me and my boyfriend have gotten serious and been together for a year and a half. The best of luck..


  • Feelings take time to grow...

    that's all you can do is give it some time.

    Sometimes he may never feel for you as he did for the other girls no matter what you do.

    Why is that? because the heart works in mysterious ways...we can't choose who we

    love it just happens.