I hate myself. I like my guy friend and I don't want him to date other girls.

I know he likes me but I'm just in a position where I am not ready to get into another relationship right after another. I know he's seeing someone and I'm jealous. He's hiding it from me. I realize I can't be "just friends" with him but I'm also not mentally ready to be in a relationship with anyone right now (in process of fixing myself first before getting into a relationship, does that make sense?). I know, it's selfish.

Anyone else has similar experience?

I'm thinking since I can't just be friends with him, maybe I need to cut off all contacts from him (delete him from fb, phone, aim, etc.). But from a guy's point of view, he'll probably be clueless as to why I cut him off, right?


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  • You don't have to cut him off completely. Like on fb if you don't want to be updated on his status change your settings for him. If you don't have to don't go on aim so much and as far as phone numbers go delete his number (you probably have it memorized already). Just fight the temptation to contact him as much but don't cut him off completely.

    • The thing with fb is that I can't stop myself from checking his page. Shortly after I removed my status, he removed his as well) but I'll ck everyday to see if he updated. With the aim, I always hope he'll aim me. This is just so pathetic. I have never been this desperate & pathetic before and that's why I hate how I turned myself into this way. I tried to occupy myself doing other stuff but I just can't stop thinking about him.

    • I know this feeling all to well. You didn't turn yourself into this way, the heart wants what the heart wants and you have no control over that. But you can control how you handle the situation. You just might need to delete and block his fb page from your account and delete him off of aim.

  • He'll probably be clueless and hurt. Additionally, if it turns out anything like my experience, you'll fail and cutting him out completely. Its hard to just cut off all contact from someone that you care about deeply on several levels.

    Dealing with the jealousy can be really hard. You have to be really careful, or it can seem like you're trying to "ruin" his other relationships.

    I really wish I had a better answer for you.

    • I did try to cut him off...for 3 days. The minute he text me, I get happy and have the urge to reply back. We have not talked for almost a week. I think we're just ignoring each other at this point.