Are Hispanic girls at all interested in dating white guys?

Where I live and go to college, I rarely see white/Hispanic couples. Mostly it seems like Hispanic girls date Hispanic guys. I'm attracted to lots of Hispanic girls, but it seems like they aren't really into white guys, like either they think we're too different from them or that we're just not interested. I don't really understand it.


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  • A lot of Hispanic women are very attracted to white men. But some women feel they aren't as the same standard as these guys. Im Hispanic, I've rarely been approached by white men. I've been approached by Latinos, Asians, and Black men before. It could be they just aren't attracted to me or they don't date outside their race. It all depends on the person really. Also how you present yourself, but trust me. Many Hispanic women love white guys. It's my personal preference when dating although it's an area which I'm not as familiar with lol

    • "But some women feel they aren't as the same standard as these guys."

      I'm not sure what you mean by this. Do you mean that Hispanic women don't feel they measure up to other girls?

      The reason a lot of white guys don't ask out Hispanic women is that we hear the stereotypes that exist about us in Latin culture. We've all heard that Latinas think that white men are boring, or passionless, or are less masculine than Latin men. Many white guys are very attracted to Latinas, but we really don't think y'all are into us, which is why we ask these questions.

    • Well white people are kind of put on a pedestal in our culture. We get taught by media and other systems that white people are superior. It's not necessarily true, but it's something that we hear often. So subconsciously we feel inferior. its not that we feel we don't measure up to other women, because Hispanic women are confident with in them selves, but we feel if we date a white man, it's like some sort of prize or trophy. When in reality it should be because he in general is a good man, that happens to be white. It's a race thing, it's twisted and you only see it more in the traditional upbringings of Hispanic culture.

      We both are suffering with these stereotypes. In Latinas eyes a white man is educated, he's husband material, he's reapectful etc. I don't know if our stereotypes are different by the area we live in. But I've rarely heard of those "white men stereotypes" where I am from & I live in LA. You must be around the old school traditional Hispanics.

    • It is odd to hear that, because white people honestly don't walk around feeling like we own the world, not middle-class white people, anyhow. Many of us have had to struggle greatly in our lives because we weren't born into wealthy families.

      I grew up in Houston, so I grew up around a lot of Hispanic families and their daughters. And yes, there was a sense both that white men were potentially good to marry but also that we were somewhat less interesting than Latin men. In school, I didn't see white boys dating Hispanic girls. The ethnic groups basically segregated themselves. Hispanic girls didn't really look at or talk to white guys at all. College is somewhat different, but I still feel like Hispanic girls put on a sort of mask when they're talking to white guys, like they're not open to us.

      I don't know... just know that there are plenty of white guys who would die to be with a Latina. I have a crush on a Latina at my school but I'm worried I'll make a fool of myself if I ask her out.

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  • Well I find white guys super cute, but the different cultures can become a huge problem, if I were to invite you to a family gathering trust me that people won't go out of their way to speak English just for one person, the music, food and conversation would all be Hispanic (and Spanish). So it would make someone feel uncomfortable, plus there us the whole
    White people hate Hispanics because we take their jobs blah blah and they only think we are maid or garden boys (I don't think this way but this is the general sentiment). So its easier to date a Hispanic guy because there is more in common. But if you ever find yourself a Latina, just be ready and try to let it not get to you and just laugh if they make jokes at your expense.

    Entendiste gringo 😝

    • "But if you ever find yourself a Latina, just be ready and try to let it not get to you and just laugh if they make jokes at your expense."

      I'm not really cool with that. No one wants to be with someone who looks down on them. Latinas wouldn't want to be with a white guy who made jokes at their expense (i. e. all the ethnic stereotypes), and white guys don't like to be trashed for our culture either.

      I would like to date a Hispanic girl who's more interested in our similarities and attraction than in our differences. I don't think the cultures are all that different. I come from a large, loud, ethnic Polish family that is so steeped in Catholicism that I have four close relatives who are either clergymen or nuns. I've never been to a wedding with fewer than 500 people in attendance, and our Easter parties are so big we have to rent out our parish meeting hall. We're very much like a Hispanic family. So what that we have lighter skin?

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    • I wasn't exactly offended, but your OP just seemed to confirm my feeling that Hispanic girls view white guys with something like disdain. I actually think that if there's discrimination in dating, it's Hispanic girls discriminating against white guys, not the other way around. It's like Hispanic people complain about being denigrated by white people, so their response is to do the same thing to us even though tons of white guys are interested in dating Latinas. If we were discriminatory against Latinas, we wouldn't be interested in dating and marrying them. I just wish Latinas would open themselves to the possibility of dating white guys, that's all. It would be to everyone's benefit :-)

    • Well you just need to find that one girl, she is out there and good luck 😊

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  • As a white guy who also likes hispanic girls, I wonder why too. I go to a college with quite a decent amount of hispanic female students and they often stick with hispanic guys, and if not then it's usually black guys. I asked one out before and she said "Sorry I only date Hispanic guys"

    From I hear from these girls in school, they usually say white guys are not as "spicy" or "fun" as hispanic and black guys. It's a little ridiculous to say that but it's just the way society is really. Of course I don't mean to generalise, there may be some hispanic girls out there that like white guys but it's just soooooooo uncommon :/

  • There's a study showing that pretty much all girls from all races prefer white males (except black girls).

    • That seems odd, because it appears to me that girls tend to be most interested in guys within their own cultural/ethnic group. I thought things would be different in college, but it still seems that people stick with their own.

    • Well... I suppose an easy explanation would be that women prefer to date up.

  • It happens.

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