My ex boyfriend has a girlfriend now but he still try to text and call me

I don't reply to his text or answer his call anymore but I don't understand why he still text me or call when he has a girl friend

we were together for almost 2 years we were not friends before after we broke up he used to text me when I reply he won't answer, on friday and saturday his text would be about he still loves me and thinking about me even he is with another girl
the day he changed his status on Facebook he texted me sayin ihad a dream of you last night you had no makeup on looking cute you looked soooo angry at me you had that face when you used to get angry with me I didn't reply so he called me I didn't answer


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  • U do right, when you and boyfriend break up, then he calls u, he just wanna make you miss him, this thing is selffish, many guys do this with ex girlfriend after they broke up. Or he wants to "catch 2 fishes with 1 hand", have new girlfriend then he wants you too, but in fact, he doesn't love anyone.


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  • He might just miss you. What do the texts say?


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  • He might just be wondering how you're doing or what you're up to. He probably just wants to know that you're okay. How long were you two together? Were you friends before you dated?

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