I'm in LOVE but it's wrong?

I am actually 15 years old and in Middle School. #Flunked
Anyways, I like this cute soccer player and many other girls do too. Thing is, he likes my bffl. Though, she doesn't like him but if he asks her out, she'll say yes. I don't talk to him much but when I do, he turns away, turns red and says something stupid.
Like on his birthday I asked him, "So, Axel, how old are you?" (I look at him)
Him:(turns away, turns red) "12"
Me:"ok" (sarcastically)
He always tries to make me and my friends laugh but I just don't know if I should go for it or let it go...
I need help... Before school ends... thanks ^.^
#Don't #Judge


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What Guys Said 1

  • There is no reason you should avoid talking to him and being his friend. Nor is there any reason you should feel weird about liking him.

    That being said, I would avoid getting into any labeled relationships until you're at least 18 or so. Commiting this early with anyone would put you in an awkward position once everyone parts ways after highschool.

    If you like a guy now, you actually have a better chance of being with him as an adult if you just establish yourselves as friends in the meantime. Teenage relationships vary rarely hold together long enough for a real chance at marriage or anything.


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  • Awww!
    15 is that beautiful, awkward age.
    Hormones driving boys crazy
    So, you never know what is going on with them
    Just be friendly and open
    Not too many of the :girlie: games
    that just drive then away.