Worse disrespect youve gotten from someone you dated?

i just wanted to hear your stories. i used to date a guy who wouldn't respect me at ALL. he would make me turn the web camera away from my face when we used to Skype cause he though i was ugly cause i had a septum and tounge percing at the time he used to pull my hair and complain if i had put it up in a bun cause he though it didn't look good that way. he would tell me to shut up if i spoke about something i was really passionated about if he though it was boring. blergh... and so the list goes on...

a lot of people have asked me the question why i stuck around with this guy. and its a good question really. this person didn't start acting like this towards me until we had moved togethere. it ended 3 weeks later. :/
Yeatts and σαςReverie are troll accounts. dont bother with them. :/


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  • Wow, yeah he was a douche. But uhhh, I haven't dated much at all. My ex (bf and best friend) called me a lousy phuck. That one still stings. And my first bf told me that I was a bad kisser and broke up with me through a text because I wasn't ready to have sex with him. Nice guy right?


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  • I've never dated so I can't tell you a story but I just need to ask you why the hell you even dated that guy if he was such an asshole...

    • I should update the ask and write that he didn't actually start behaving like this until we had moved in togethere. it ended about 3 weeks after that..

  • I went on one date with girl and all she did was talk about a guy
    who had no feelings for her and laughed, made fun of her behind her back


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  • I was going to answer but because you blocked anonymous users yet you are requesting very personal information, I won't.

    • That's just plain nosey of you to request personal stories and you absolutely "must" know which users they're coming from. Smh

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    • im not going to keep anon on cause that means immature people (like you, but hey there you go you got an account anyway to be immature) and trolls will comment and be rude. second of all, if you have an account and dont want to answear, then fucking dont. how dense can you possible be?

    • @asker

      It's not wrong to want privacy especially if you are asking for dating horror stories. I fail to see how wanting privacy especially with things that are really bad is immature. Personally I find your reaction to her opinion immature.

  • I've had a guy tell me my Facebook pictures looked better than my appearance after we had gotten back from a date..

  • He must have had a great dick for you to stick around!

    • uh, i guess i should have explained, but he didn't start behaving like this until we had moved togethere... it ended like 3 weeks after that.