What should I do about my feelings for my guy friend?

My friend hooked me up with this guy over the summer. we started talking in late June and everything was great for about a month. I was ready to tell him I was ready for a relationship ( he wanted one right away but I wanted to be friends first) but then things changed. He became distant and we started having fights and every time I said I was done he came back and apologized. I eventually found out at the end of August that a month after we started talking my said friend began kissing him and doing other stuff with him. I immediately cut him and her off after he told me this. 5 months later in January I receive a text from him saying how sorry he was from the bottom of his heart. It took me a week to respond and I only responded after one of my friends had talked to him and told me he changed. I told him i forgive him and I also made it clear I just wanted to be friends. We hung out a few times and everything was fine. I told him I thought one of his friends was hot so one night me him his friend and one of my friends hung out. We drove around for 3 hours and although I found his friend attractive and very nice I found it hard to focus my attention on him because I was too focused on my boy. He told me he really did like me over the summer and my said now ex friend told him I didn't like him and that's why he was an ass to me because he wanted to push away his feelings. Then i realized the feelings weren't gone and I wanted him back. so i told my him I didn't know how I was feeling about him. Ever since then everything has been different. We have made plans twice and he has canceled them once he didn't even tell me. He literally only texts me hey and dosent respond to me when I reply. I don't know what i should do and how I should get him to open up and talk to me. Please help!

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  • Let them dissolve.


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