A guy just asked me out?

So a guy just asked me out. Now there's about 2-3 problems. First off I have a specific type and he fits most of it there's just one big thing about him that bothers the living crap out of me. HE'S EXTREMELY SHY!! Ugh its annoying because our convos are like 2 seconds long and he's a dry texter. Another problem I'm still hungover my ex. We're sorta like friends with benefits now I mean I can go with whoever I want but I don't want anyone else I find it hard to look at anyone else. But right now I guess we're taking a break because we haven't texted in 5 days now. The last problem there's someone else who might like me who fits a whole lot better into the type I have then him. And I might consider going out with him then the one who just asked me out. This is like contradicting myself but the one who likes me and my ex are so much a like plus they're both cute. I don't know what to do. Should I say yeah and give it a try? Should I say no and stay hung on to my ex? Or should I say no and wait for the other guy?

P. S I don't want to hurt the shy guys feelings

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Most Helpful Girl

  • dont date either, u need a break and to be completely single for a while... in my opinion u dont like the shy guy u are just matching him to ur standards. especially if u guys dont have much to talk about, do u realize how awkward it will be in the future when u guys actually are dating. and if u really want to move on to other guys, then u need to let ur ex go: never make an ex a friends with benefits! if u had feelings once, one of you are bound to have feelings again

    • We still have feelings for each other. The only reason why we're not together is because of the distance. (Over 3000 miles) we still say I lobe you and talk all the time but the benefits are... undisclosed lol. I thought that I would like the shy guy but I don't know much about him so you're right about that. I've been single for a while now and I can't say it's bad. I love being single. I could be with whoever I want and I'm not being held down but I also love being in a relationship. Especially with the cute moments.

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What Guys Said 3

  • X out your EX from your life completely and date the shy guy, in. my opinion.

  • He is not extremely shy, because really extremely shy guy would never ask any girl, it's too uncomfortable for them

    • He asked over text... mostly because his friend told him to grow some balls and do it... I heard them talking

    • Then you should take some initiative ;)

  • I would panic.


What Girls Said 1

  • if you don't have feelings for him, and are just trying to get over your ex or wait till someone better comes along then he doesn't deserve yyou.

    • I'm not trying to get over my ex... I know there's no way I'm getting over him no matter what. I know its much but we've been through a lot. He's helped me through a lot. I've noticed the shy guy liked me a while ago. Now he asked me out over text. Now when we see each other it'll be even more awkward... if I was to say yes. I'm not waiting. I'm fine being single. But these guys like me and I still like my ex.