What Do Guys Do for Women they're really interested in?

I'm very shy, and have been all of my life so I haven't had great experience with guys. I'm not sure what guys do if they really like women even though a few times in my life guys have liked me but the guys who showed a lot of interest in high school (I'm 24 going on 25 now) have made it known. It was classroom settings though. They were extroverts and really didn't care. I've dated but none of those dates really went anywher If a guy really likes a woman what does he do for her? The questions I ask afterwards aren't to seem shallow i just have heard these things, mainly from other women. Does he take out his time to plan what he'd do with her? Like if someone (me for example) is internet dating, does a guy whose really interested in a woman plan for nice places to go to? Are his biggest concerns to show her she's valuable? The only reason I ask is because this guy told me he was interested in meeting me but he suggested we meet at his house. It didn't work out for us to meet that day but that was a week ago. We planned to meet today but didn't discuss details on where we'd meet. Now it's the second day we thought of meeting and it's already approaching late afternoon. It's New York and it's colld outside. Never met this guy before and we don't have any mutual friends (at least that I know of) so I'd be very nervous to have him pick me up but i have no idea if anything will happen because he didn't mention any ideas of plans. Just acknowledgements that we were supposed to meet and I'm TERRIBLE at deciding on places because I lived inNy for years, since I was a child not all my life but he lives in Queens and the past recent years the only place I really visited outside of Queens frequently was the city. And even there Im still learning of places to visit. New York has a lot to do! LOL So I'm not great on suggestions. We talk everyday (texting) but I dont think he's seriously into me. Im afraid he only hopes to sleep with me, but that's a whole other story in itself!


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  • We try and sweep the woman off of her feet, spoil her do what ever it takes to get them to be our Girl

    • That's what my mom's told me. Guys do things to let a woman know she's worthy. They make her feel amazing. Not saying money is what matters but gestures do. Thank you. :)

    • You're very welcome my friend

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  • If I like a girl, I gift her a handmade picture consisting of glue and toe nail clippings.


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  • First of all, I would meet ANY GUY in a PUBLIC setting, bar, restaurant and have a drink or lunch. Secondly, the suggestion of meeting at his house is a give away on his intentions... he's looking for sex. Sorry.

    • Don't waste time with guys who aren't looking to impress you with a date... I'm not saying guys like that mean they don't still just want sex but you can tell when a guy really is focusing on impressing you. I wouldn't meet with him at all.

    • I really think that's the case and it's weird because he would call me babe lol, it had me wondering "who do you think you are to me?"We've been speaking for almost two months but we never even met yet! It just feels weird! Too much! Thank you!

    • two months is too long. If he wanted to meet up because he liked you and wanted to get to know you, he would of made the effort within the first two weeks at least. He is definitely dating other women.

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