What would u do? Lose her or win her back?

Let's say your an compulsive liar and your girlfriend knew about it but you kept denying it and acussing her of being rude and crazy for not trusting you. What would u do about it after this?

  • Admit lying and try to win her back if you want to
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  • Break up because your pride
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  • I'd lie about something to get her back.

    • He would do it too i swear.

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    • Shot for MHO!

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  • I would say alright I may have a problem but I am not willing to admit to it yet I'm sorry

    • Why wouldn't u? You would lose her in order to keep your pride?

    • It's like admitting your an Alcholic it's not very easy and it didn't put the last part where I said be patient with me

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