Help! Im in love with my boss?

I hope I can fit it all in. Basically I have known him for one year. We have worked together. I usually work with him and a few other doctors, the doctor I'm with always switches. I look forward to the days I work with him. He is quite, smart, funny, caring, attractive, a little older then me but not too bad. He is so shy. He apparently never spoke to anyone before I started. Slowly slowly I chipped away his shell. He talks to me now. Though he always seems figity when we talk. He asks questions about me. We have become pretty good friends. And I say more then coworker friends.
I don't know what to do. I want so badly to spend time with him. I want to ask for his number or something. But last night we were working together and he suddenly shut himself off to me again. I was so strange. Then he just sat there tapping his pen for about 30 minutes and got up and went home for the night. I'm really confused. I mean I think of him almost constantly. And dream about him. What should I do? I'm too shy, and so is he.

We have also exchanged random nick nacks to each other like a pet rock and a walking stick. both for humor.

Should I ask him?


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  • He realizes that he likes you too; thus, he has to end it or break it off because it's not good to dip your pen in company ink.


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  • What are the rules in your place of employment on dating coworkers or superiors (if he is one)?

    • They aren't good.

    • It sounds like he may have feeling for you but doesn't want to lose his job for acting on them.

  • why was he tapping his pen hmmm