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Okay this is kind of embarrassing but I need to get some opinions on this. I am 16 and have never even kissed a guy or had a boyfriend and its truly humiliating and of course most of my friends aren't even virgins. I am just afraid when I do get into a relationship this will be a huge turn off. I know it shouldnt be a big deal cause yeah its just a kiss I just feel like it really affects me because I feel way to innocent and its just going to become more of a problem as I get older and stranger to people. To any guys out there is this a huge turn off or not such a huge problem?


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  • It's not a huge turn off. You will get used to it over time, but in the end who cares how you kiss? As long as you kiss his lips, and don't open your mouth too wide, then whoever he may be will love it just the same. Your friends are sluts if they are 16 non-virgins I wouldn't be too worried about them.

    • Okay I Agree With You About Half Of Your Answer But The Part About Them Being Sluts? NO! Its their choice what they do with their bodies, and really its none of your business. I Lost Mine To A Guy I Love At 15 years Old. And we're still together now!

  • It's not a turnoff at all hun. It means that you're not a slut, and that you have enough self esteem to not give into something you aren't ready for. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 18. It is not a big deal at all that you haven't done anything. It makes you more desirable as a serious girlfriend. It's not a turn off or a huge problem, it's actually the opposite!


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