Does she hate me?

I texted my girlfriend "Miss you" but no reply. Is she trying to ignore me? She doesn't contact me anymore unless I text her and we haven't hung out for 3 weeks now... she's super busy but I don't know

if females out there can give input i'd be happy
she responded with: hope to see you soon
before she would've said miss you too or something more affectionate


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  • It seems like something is going on... Are u sure u guys didn't fight or argue? Why not ask her to hang out then when she's free? U have to know whats going on in ur relationship because we girls answer guys fast when we are REALLY interested no matter what we are doing. Like DEADASS. It seems to m she's not interested I don't know.. u have to dig in deep & find out what is up...

    • yeah we didn't hang out cuz she was busy. but when i asked for this weekend she said maybe and she'll see how much work she can get done. i don't know how to find out what's up

    • Hmmm... try asking her if there's something wrong or tell her how ur feeling :$

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  • She is probably mad at you , beacause most girls if there phone is by them they will anwser fast unless she doesn't want to talk to you. I have literally been in the middle of doing my hair and anwsered a text


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  • Have no idea mate.. I am sure there is more to the story, you might have to just ask her directly what is going on, otherwise leave her be and let her come to you

    • yeah i'm so lost now..

    • And the females would give great advice on this one too 👍👍

  • Why you think negative? Maybe she have a problem? Talk to her.