Why these double standards?

Why is a single woman considered 'a choosy person who is waiting for the right man' whereas a single man is labeled 'an unattractive loser whom no woman agrees to date'?

Similarly, why are virgin women respected for 'not throwing away their V card' whereas virgin men are shamed for 'being unable to get laid'?


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  • But there are also double standards in terms of:

    When a guy has sex with a lot of girls. His friends pat him on the back and say "you're the man"

    But if a girl has sex with a lot of men she is considered a whore.

    There is always gonna be double standards. Virgin men should never be shamed. I think it's great that they are saving themselves for the right one

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    • Believe it or not. It still very much happens and is very common.

    • Lol dude a slut is never not going to be shamed. Why do you think men are increasingly not interested in women. These women are selling used goods at premium price. Modern time little marriage and fatherless children.

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  • Because girls experience a lot more pressure to have sex. They have guys trying to get in their pants all the time. So for a girl to remain a virgin and resist temptation and hold out for the right guy is harder. For a guy to remain a virgin is relatively easy unless you are one of those rare guys who have girls throwing themselves at him. In that case it might be kinda impressive.

    It's easier for a girl to convince a guy to have sex with her than it is for her to convince a guy to take the time to date her and commit to her.

    For a guy it's the opposite, it's easier for a guy to get a girl to let him date her and make a commitment than it is to convince her to just have sex with him.

    Things that are difficult are more impressive than things that are easy.

    So guys will get shamed for not being able to get laid but girls will get slut shamed for not being able to get comitment.

    • Yeah, bloody hypocrisy of this stupid society. I suppose the best option then for a man would be to completely isolate himself from humanity and live life on his own terms.

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    • Its so surprising then that I struggle. My looks are certainly above average (that's what I have been told), I do have confidence and a good sense of humor, and I have no problems keeping a conversation going. I may not be rich, but I'm a University graduate and have a decent job and a car as well.

      Oh... well! Maybe I give off some invisible negative vibes which women latch on to. The stereotypical 'forever alone' guy! Hehe! :P

    • Hmm I don't know maybe you're not direct enough or come across as desperate :/

      I'm really not that experienced with dating either so I really don't know what's the reason


      I'm sure you'll find someone eventually but don't settle for just anyone. I think its better to be alone than to settle for someone you're not really happy with.

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  • I wouldn't state that and never heard that about single man

    I have heard men and women say that a single man is a man who still wants to fuck around , and a single mother well its hard to find a man who wants to get with a man who has kids from an other man

    I agree with those sayings not saying that , thats the case with all people singles
    but in general i feel that is the case

    men in general don't want a woman with kids specially young men 20-35 of age
    in my opinion if a man is single is because he is not ready to commit or perhaps not enough money earned to be in a serious relationship most women want kids


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  • It used to be harder to lay a virgin girl. They were well protected, they were watched, and the only way you could do it was if you got married.

    Laying a virgin girl meant you were smart enough to get past the guards and smooth enough to convince the girl to throw away her reputation and prized virginity away.

    The different standards existed because things were different back then. The mentality has carried over but not the expectations This is because we all still value female virginity because... I'm guessing... there's more on the line. They get pregnant. They could die. Maybe because men inherently objectify women and hate seeing their "property" polluted, in sense.

    • You answer makes sense, but like you said, I don't friggin' understand why these stupid 'medieval ideas' have carried forward into the current era.

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    • I don't usually mention it, but most of them just know it because they know me well. Anyway, I reside in a fucked up, highly corrupt third world country so this is to be expected, i suppose.

    • Ah yes... Bring the light to them dude. Lead by example.

  • I would say it is partially because of media influences and nature to an extent. In nature, the "alpha male" is the one who gets a lot of mates. That can be reflected in the media where the guy who jumps from bed to bed is praised as a hero. Females in nature usually tend to aim for security and keeping the alpha male around, so for them to sleep around, I guess would be looked as tacky? Honestly, though I believe we should have enough common sense to not let primal stereotypes control our lives. Just my thought.

    • Yeah, screw the goddamn media! And you're absolutely right about the 'primal instincts' aspect.

  • Because at the same time girls aren't supposed to have sex, guys are also supposed to fuck a lot of girls who won't have sex.

    • It's not 'logic', it's 'hypocrisy'.

      And the era of women 'not supposed to have sex' is long gone.

    • The sarcasm.

  • Because double standards are double standards

    • Yeah, screw double standards!

  • i'm a virgin but i'm shamed for not having success with women

  • When I see an attractive single woman I assume she's a bitch, she probably wouldn't be single otherwise! lmao.

    • How does an attractive woman being single got anything to with her being a bitch or not? I don't see a connection! :P