Kissing my middle school boyfriend?

Okay, I've been dating this guy for a month.(my longest relationship ever sadly) I actually really like him, one day we were sitting and talking in gym class and this is what happened.

Him: could I kiss you?
Me: ...(silently freaking out considering I've not had my first kiss yet and I'm an eighth
Him: not now of course
Me: ... yes...

He stared at my lips the rest of the class.
Honestly, what I'm asking for is just advice on how to go about my first kiss.

Thank you very much :)


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  • Umm... first, are you READY? I've been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and a half and we haven't even held hands let alone kissed. Don't be ashamed to wait.
    Anyways, if you want me to answer your question here's what I have to say-just do it. If he said he's going to kiss you on the cheek, don't worry, just don't move. If he's going to kiss you on the lips, theeennn maybe do some research. If it's his first kiss also then he'll probably just peck you, otherwise be prepared. Also don't wear big red lipstick or anything wild.

    • Thank you a lot and i think I'm ready. And he already kisses my cheek so i know not to move. And honestly i don't wear lipstick or anything, just eyeliner (lots of it actually) and chap stick.

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    • Thank you, i will take that into consideration

    • Yes I'm going to have to agree with @Kidlnk3 I forgot to mention that if you aren't sure you love him, then maybe you're not ready yet. But don't worry, because true love can wait for you to make up your mind.

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  • don't be afraid of screwing up, that's why it's your first kiss, so really when you get to kiss just think in something you like and calms you down like a song or something

  • Enjoy whatever you you like in life. if you desire so never miss the opportunity.

  • dont use toungue and go easy, only kiss please.
    nothing more

    • Thank you want

    • Thank you and i won't, i dont even want to

    • Good. Dont ever do anything that seems uncomfortable to you :)

  • This is stupid, 13 year olds shouldn't even be dating.

    Shame on the adults in this thread encouraging this too.

    • I'm sorry that you feel that way but, i don't text him, or see him outside of school so i don't think it could be seen as an actual relationship. I'm sorry if anything about my comment offends you, I'm not intending to come off as rude.

    • Its not even your fault, you're still young and dont know whats right and wrong yet.

      These adults do know whats right and wrong and I would have hoped that they would not encourage behavior that is not beneficial to a young girl, like you. But I was wrong.

      my honest advice to you is to wait to kiss someone. You're going to meet someone that makes you feel amazing and you'll wish you had never kissed anyone so you could give it to them only. Wait it out, you're not missing much of aanything now.

    • Thank you for your advice

  • Okay so how old are you again?


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  • You said in a reply to a comment that you don't even want too..
    You know you don't have to kiss him if you don't feel ready, right?

    Your first kiss is something that you'll always remember, and something that you'll end up talking a lot about in life.. To friends, grand kids, random people at a party maybe haha.
    Do you want the story to go " well, I didn't really want too" ?

    Just have a think if you actually want this before you do it :)

    • Thank you, but i meant that i didn't want to do anything with tounge. I'm sorry for confusing you

  • You are only in eighth grade.
    Guarentee you that he's never kissed a girl before so you don't have to worry about that. it will come naturally trust me.

    • Thank you very much

    • Lol yea I agree with her when I had my 1st kiss with my (now ex) I was freaking out it was gonna be horrible but tbh it comes naturally like u won't believe

    • Thank you :)