How to balance relationship?

To be honest I have been very busy with college classes, work, and job search. I have so many exams, papers and homework that I haven't been able to make time for my boyfriend. I've stopped bothering to even continue text conversations with him. He sends me texts saying good luck. And I'm starting to become uncertain about my feelings. I don't have time during the weekdays or the weekends either because I'm so busy studying. I haven't seen my boyfriend for 3 weeks and I know he's starting to lose his patience. What should I do?



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  • Explain your situation to him. If he understand, good. If he want to drop you and look for someone who is more flexible, that also understandable. Sorry.

    3 thing I want in a woman, beside the initial sexual chemistry :


    Right now you are not being flexible aka make time for him.


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  • It seems like you have your priorities in order. Focus on you for now. Too many people try doing both at once and end up screwing both up for good.

  • Why did you stop continuing text conversations with him? And why have you suddenly become uncertain about your feelings toward him? From what I'm reading, he may suspect you're pushing him away.

    I think if you really want to get things back to normal between the two of you to some degree... CALL. No texting. CALL.

  • He probably thinks you don't like him anymore and are purposely ignoring him. You guys should talk and see if it's a relationship that'll work since he seems to want to see you more than you're able to see him.


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