I feel betrayed be her actions and now I ask what do I do?

So this girl I’d been seeing who I liked and shared deeply personal conversations and become romantically involved with are having issues. My feelings for her amplified when our relationship became sexual.

I began to think that her and I might become a thing. I really misunderstood her intentions. Then a guy that she had a massive crush on from high school popped back into the picture. She stopped spending time with me and started spending all of her free time with him. Then last night we went out for dinner. We started talking she opened up to me. I thought things were going good. She started telling me about the guy from high school. He is the complete opposite of me. He has been in and out of jail 19 times.

I will not lie I did feel very jealous. Then she told me about another guy. She had never mentioned him before, but she had been having a sexual relationship with him at the same time as me. I honestly wish she hadn’t told me about him. My feelings are extremely hurt. I also asked her what I was to her. She told me that “you’re my friend” but my belief is that friends don’t sleep with each other.

As I mentioned my feelings are hurt extremely bad. I talked to my family and my friends about this and they think I should stop being her friend and cut ties with her. My feelings towards her, have changed and I still kinda like her but at the same-time I feel disgusted by her actions. Am I being a baby about it?


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  • No bro. You dump her. Now. If I was you, I would move on and cut ties with her immediately.

    Your dream girl should have 3 quality :


    She lack loyalty and seem to bring way more baggage that you can handle. Drop her.