Meeting a guy on first date. What should I do?

So I downloaded that app called Hinge and it shows people nearby that are single. I'm really clicking with this guy that lives in my city. I've been talking to him since Feb. 22nd. But I've got a problem.
He said he was gonna meet me at the mall tomorrow at 1pm and that he asked his friends if they could take him. But they said they couldn't. He drives, but he's in the process right now of getting a new car because his old one broke down and he doesn't have a ride to get to the mall.
So he asked me to come to his house. But I feel really weird in doing that. I have a gut feeling that's telling me, "No this is too sketchy. Don't do it!"
He keeps begging me though. I would ask a friend to come with me to hang around, but that would be weird too.
I'm I wrong in doing this? Has this happened to you before?

Ok update: He says he lives with his parents so that makes me feel a little bit better. I just need someone to take me there that won't try to change my mind.


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  • I think you should have a friend follow behind far but not far enough until you give him or her the go (: being safe is important ! Or at least let a friend know where you're going who you're going to be with etc

    • Yes I have a friend that says he'll bring me there.

    • You shall be fine then dear (: !!

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  • His house on a first date? Lives with his parents? Begging you? Red Flags all over this. Quit it.

    • Well guys living with their parents is not a big deal. I just really hope he has a friend that can take him to the mall.

  • Couldn't he have borrowed his parents' car to meet you at the mall?

    • Nope both his parents work on the weekend.

    • Oh ok. Didn't hurt to ask. Just bring a friend with you if you go meet him.

    • Yep that's what I'm planning on doing. If anything weird starts to go down, I know karate. lol He seems harmless. He's an accountant and he's also in a band.

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