Tied between two guys- which to pick?!

so I recently went on date with guy a and also on a date with guy b. guy a- lets call him john and guy b is dan. so john I found is more attractive physically, and I can totally party with him and drink and have a good time with. we hung out a few times. He works away from town so is gone two weeks ata time then comes back a day or two, and basically it varies,. anyways I met him two weeks ago, we hung out twice, and this week he came back and we cuddled just hung out. he calls me cute names like babe and sweety. and he called me the morning he left just see how I'm doing. we totally connect physically for sure and can hold a conversation. I just don't know if it would be hard to date someone that goes away and come back on and off, he makes good money though :) . anyways he told me he missed me, and I asked when is he coming to town again , he like I don't know could be a week but we can get together when you want to jsut have to go to bed decent time- because he has to be up by 5 am!. so that is john.

dan is cute but not hot, I totally want to do things physically with john any day over dan. but dan seems genuially sweet, he lives in town and he is a little bit younger, we hung out few times too.. and we even slept together recently- silly me was drunk and anyways it went well, bt yes he does not call me sweety and what not but respects me and even came car shopping with me- he's in the car business so.. but ya and mentioned we would go on a trip someday he'd love to take me.. so that's dan

i don't know I am so confused and both these guys are good guys I just want someones opinion who they go for lol, even tho its me that chooses just want to get outlook, I can't do these dates with both guys and one is getting lead on, so I will have to choose who I want to focus on sooner or later. they both looking for a girlfriend so.. thanks for tips!

and to make this more confusing.. my ex and I broke up but his fb status still says in a relationshi[p.. should I talk to him about it. he said he's afraid to lose me but there is no passion haha.. so I don't think I wanna give him a chance, he thinks I'm gonna wait around for him forever.. lol just had to add that in there



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  • Well, with the given information, I would probably choose dude numero dos; Dan. He's closer, more readily available, still sweet, and seems genuine. So, just with that information I would say choose him. Have you tried hanging out and "partying" with Dan? Or basically the stuff you've tried with John?

    As for the money, well...my personal opinion is that, that's not really a reason to choose one over another. As much as some would like to believe, money doesn't define a person. It can also be easily lost (especially in todays day and age). So I'd not use that as a factor.

    So, to answer your question, my vote is for Dan. :)

  • dan its a cool name


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