Hey guys is it time for me to move on from loving this guy for 3 years?

It's been a cycle of depression, of constantly going back to him, of missing him everyday, to hating him when I had him. I just can't seem to move on from this guy for some reason... sometimes he seems like the one but I am only 21 so I think it's best I move on.

What do you guys think?


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  • You don't love him, and you don't even need him. What you love is you, and what you think you need is to be qualified by being in a relationship.

    The reason you stay isn't because you even like him, it's because you are pathologically afraid to be alone. It also happens to be the very and only reason all other women stay in bad relationships.

    Something is better than nothing until you realize that the something is worth less than nothing.

    • Yeah I mean I just feel something every time I look into his eyes we have this intense connection.. he's not a bad guy he's just not the right one for me. We can't stand each other and we can't stand to be apart that's the problem but i really do think it's time.

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    • Okay thank you I guess it's time to put that behind me... I mean I met him in my first year of college and i was an entirely different person and so was he... I liked him at the time for different reasons than I do now in fact I don't even know him anymore.. no point in wastin time :)

    • I'm saying that you're in love with being in love. You are technically on the rebound. It's just that you keep bouncing back to his court because he's around to bounce back to. Truth is, you'd bounce to the nearest available court to avoid being alone. You seek completion in a relationship. You're not ok with being alone. You're not ok with you.

      You're dysfunctional and he's dysfunctional, but together, you make up a whole dysfunctional person.

      The reason you go back to him is because he's there.

      That's the only reason. He just happens to be there.

      If anyone else were in your life for more than 3 weeks, it would be them.

      You vamp on each other, use each other to qualify yourselves, and actually can barely stand to be around one another.

      You do have a deep connection.

      You're both psychic vampires.

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  • Move on, your still young, you have time. Don't waste it on something like that, spend it exploring, and being happy, and doing what you wanna do.