How should I feel if my boyfriend said this?

My boyfriend told his little brother right in front of my face, mind you he is a black male and I am a black woman. He told his little brother "never date a black woman" & he was mad at the time but it still bothers me. We have talked about it but how should I feel about it? What should I do?


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  • That would bug me if my gf said to her sister. "Never date a white man get yourself a smart Asian lover..." I would wonder how she felt about me for sure O>O but everyone makes mistakes. Just try to talk to him about it.

    • I'm trying to but I haven't heard from him all day. I have contacted him but no reply.

    • Oh he just said it today? That would bother me that they aren't responding but I would say give it some time first :) good luck!

    • No he didn't say it today but I wanted to talk to him today & I will, thanks.

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