Girls and guys oppion valued. ingore my grammar errors please and read and help anyways possible?

I have know my boyfriend 6 month. been with him Almost 2.
Anyways he says he dont get jealous , but one night i was spending the night at his houses and this guy that swears he's in love with me called me so I'm cuddle up to my boyfriend laying down this guy start telling me how much he loves me and so on I get up and my boyfriend grabs my arm and pulls me close to him talking on the phone still the guy going on about how he wished Id dump my bf all I'm saying is okay that nice well he's like who's that I'm like a friends and I lean up aging to talk and my boyfriend pulls me by my hair really hard by him.
Like he was aggressive
Is this a signs he has a jelous strick , he don't act possive at all.
Help please honest oppions really wanted?


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  • That's not jealousy.


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