Strike while the iron is hot or play it by the "rules"?

So a few days ago, I got in touch with a girl on through an online dating sight. I never expected a reply from her, but much to my surprise I actually did receive a reply. She claimed that the email I sent to her, was one of the very best she had ever read and I had earned a "brownie" point with her. After that, we hit it off pretty amazingly for a few more emails until she just stopped replying. So that is where the questions comes in. Do I strike while the iron is still hot and see if she would be interested in grabbing coffee or something, or do I play it by the rules and wait the "typical week" for a response before trying again. I would just hate to wait a week and the initial spark fizzle out. So what are you girls and guys thoughts?

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As you guys said, just go for and the worst thing that can happen she say is no. Well, not only did she accept the date, I also got her number and she added me as a friend on Facebook. I guess being brave and going for what you want really does pay off in a big way sometimes.


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  • Ask her out, nothing to loose

    • Thanks for MHO, Good luck 😊

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    • Aren't you glad you struck while the iron was hot. Thanks for the update, its always nice to know how stuff turns out.

    • I am definitely glad it worked out. I guess she just needs a little space now to digest things, because I tried shooting her a text message today and didn't get a reply.

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  • Just ask her out. The worst thing she can do is say no and then you can forget about her and move on.

  • Lol. I never heard that phrase. Yes! Strike the iron while it's hot!


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