Will a guy distance himself if he's been hurt in the past and scared to be hurt again?

We didn't date but when he told me how he really felt I did not believe him and that really hurt him, he said it made him feel stupid and so forth and we stopped talking for a year.. now we are are gain and he says he doesn't want to talk about a regain nothing personal or feelings unless face to face. He wants to have sex again as well and sometimes he jokes are gain nothing gain round like we used talking about getting married and having kids... but when that playful side starts coming through again. .. he pulls away for a week or so... and itt becomes and pattern... I made a joke yhan when he sees me again he will be in awe and thing "wow she's gorgeous" and then we will have mind blowing sex and he will realize he still is crazy and bout me and will once and for all confess his undying love for me... he laughed and says maybe, we will see.
Things were great and bound I said " you know what I think? I think your just scared I'll steal your heart again" and he never replied... the next day he just wanted to talk and bout nd gain bout sex and bout nd gain bound that was it :/


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  • Yes he will.

    • From what I explain what is your opinion... sorry my phone sometimes adds words in.. predictive text.. that end part sounds stupid haha but ya... think he just cares about the sex or he's just scared

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