How do I make a good dating site profile headline?

Alright I need your help everyone I'm in the process of making a POF dating profile and I'm stuck at the headline part, I don't know what to put! Help please? Keep it short please 3-7 words. At least give me some ideas I don't know how to make headlines.

How do I make a good dating site profile headline?



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  • Dude don't waste your time with that stuff just go out in real life

    • I've never had any luck in real life.

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    • Okay then dude the culture here is real simple you just go to random female strangers in public or in your school and be like hey put your number in my phone, or use a cheesy pick up line and if she finds you physically attractive she will probably giggle and then give you her number.

    • thanks for mh man

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