Would you choose your family over the guy you love?

She has very strict parents and we snuck around for years almost the whole time we've known each other.. we got caught things ended reaLly badly. she pretty much had a mental break down When it all happened and her parents caught us together.

Didn't talk to her for months we got back in contact by running in to each other. We made plans to move out she agreed. She talked about it a lot seemed excited. She bailed out last minute And ended things completley. Called me the next day hysterically crying asking if we can still make it work. Then decided to just go no contact.

I don't know if I should take this personally it really broke my heart. We had a lot of fights because of the distance when we rekindled some jealousy on my side. Some passive aggressiveness on hers. I let me emotions get the best of me though during the breakup. She saw me at first trying to convince her.. pissed off at mixed signals.. then sad saying I Miss you are we done?

It's been no contact for a month now. Her mom did threaten to drop her school and everything completley cut her from her life. What would you choose? Should I take this personally?

She constantly told me only I make her happy she doesn't want anyone else. before the breakup she said I don't know what to do make the choice for me.. I told her she has to do it on her own.

  • She did really love you but it was too hard to make that choice
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  • She lost a little interest and realized it would of been stupid to make this move with you
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I even asked if she wanted a break at one point and asked her is this really worth it to you.. she got very emotional and told me I think so. Saying she doesn't want to take a break.


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  • Yeah, you are right, it's HER choice, but think of it this way: If she really loved you, would she give up everything just to be with you?
    Sometimes, girls or even women don't know what they want.
    And this can be really confusing, i understand you feel bad, and i feel she is feeling bad as well, but that doesn't stop her from thinking of you. If you ask me, i think her parents prevented her from being with you.
    Because strict parents always try to protect their children. Always..

    • What do you mena by that. If she really loved me she would drop anything for me?

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    • Do you still love her?

    • Well I think it just a matter of respect for her to. I lost most of my pride when she bombed that breakup on me. I'd still like her to think of me as a man and not a little kid who just can't live without her.

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  • You're right, she needs to make this choice on her own. It all comes down to whether she wants to make herself happy or make her parents happy.
    I, personally, chose my fiance over my family.

  • Id choose Family. Cause they love me unconditionaly

  • I did. I chose my family over the guy I love only Because... well I'm stuck with them.


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  • Sounds like you need to be a man and confront her family. Where are you from? What is her background? Why are her parents so strict? How old is she? And what do you mean by "caught us?" Please answer all of these questions.

    • Haha a lot of follow up questions ok.

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    • No, that is stupid.

    • So something else came up and I really wanted to hear your feedback. Another following question about this situation


  • indirectly she chose her family over you.. you can say subconsciously her family matters more to her. let her be where she is.. she has already made a choice now its your turn to make one.

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