Still a chance or friendzoned?

Started liking a woman in my uni classes 5months ago. First 2 months she had a bf. I did nothing. We grew closer as friends.
A few weeks after finding out she had left her bf, I asked her out. Got 'not while we are busy with exams' which I considered a polite rejection.
During the exam period we got closer. Were flirting. She showed signs of interest.
After exams, she started going hot and cold. She declined a few invitations. Online chatting was reduced. Then she invited me on a day trip (1v1). Then accepted going for drinks (1v1). Still no progress to anything more.
I felt nothing was going to happen so (while out of town) I sent her a message outlining how 'Ive liked her for a while, thought she felt the same but I now think I was wrong, Im still OK with being friends'. Her reply is worded so it could be understood 2 ways- 1) the polite rejection I was expecting; 2) 'I do like you but Im just not ready for more YET, due to my head is all over the place and I dont want to fuck up a good thing'. I've been believing that #1 is the right one- time to move on.
A week later I asked if she wanted to come round to my place for drinks and a movie; she did. It took us 4hrs to see a 2.5hr movie. We were constantly joking around and having to replay the parts we missed. Also stopping it often to talk.
During all this she was playfully kicking me (she was lying down on the bed, I was sitting in a chair right next to her). She used to playfully punch me during exam period too.
It started getting late and she started to rest her head on my shoulder. I said that the last bus to her place will be soon which is when she asked to sleep over. She did but in separate beds next to each other. Neither of us slept much. In the morning things were a little awkward but ok.

Most of my friends (never met her; geography issue) think friendzoned, a mutual female friend thinks 'Im doing fine, give it time, the 2 of you are great together'


After posting this we were messaging each other and she send a beautiful message telling me how smart/funny/handsome I am.
Next weekend she came around again for a movie etc. but went home this time.
Next weekend we took a day trip to a nearby city we hadn't gone to. We had so much fun we almost missed the last train home.
For the next few days she went kinda cold again (like before I told her I liked her). I invited her to another movie night and she shrugged it off. I figure maybe I'll give her some space. As soon as I back off she's constantly back to messaging me and even more jovial than normal for her (i had to ask if she was drunk :p ). This went on for a few days.
Saturday noon she asks to come over for a movie. She also decided to cook dinner for us.


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  • You're not yet friendzoned, but that is likely to happen soon. There is a very small window of opportunity for you, but unfortunately you're not in control of being friendzoned or not.

    Just wait a while, and then if things stay the same, it''ll mean you're friendzoned.


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  • Give her some , she likes you but isn't ready for that next time yet. Give her time to sort out some things and try again later


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  • I think she has a thing for you but isn't quite ready yet so just let her know that you're still interested and she should let you know if she decides she is too, and in the meantime keep hanging out. If she never gets back to you it's her own fault.