What makes someone too intimidating to date?

I know everyone has their reasons. I find guys over 6'2 too intimidating. I know some guys that find smart girls intimidating. So this question is for both guys and girls. What is too intimidating to date?


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  • Oh I hate talking to guy standing up bc it makes me nervous bc they tower over me. ( like who don't? I'm 5'1) but the taller they are the more nervous I get. Unless we are sitting down. I'm really calm and chill when they sit down. But I love tall guy. 5'11"-6'2 is great 5'10 Ain't bad either.


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  • So as a guy that is 6' 3" why? what could possibly make me intimidating?
    I would think looks would be really the only reason. I mean I am not much but I don't think I am ugly.


    for me it is just looks. If I feel she is out of my league then I won't bother.
    however, that is changing. Although if Everything goes like I hope, I have found the last woman I want to find.
    l was unfortunatly divorced 14 months ago. tried to date way too fast because I found out my ex had been cheating on me for the last 2 years of the marriage. So i stoped after less then 2 months and waited until I was ready.
    So last December I finally was ready to date. I knew I was ready. But of course I am nervous about getting out there even though I had a lot of success dating earlier in the year and already had sex with 3 other woman by that point.
    So to kinda force it to take longer I got on POF. com and picked 5 women that , from their picture, I thought were WAY out of my league.
    2 didn't answer.
    1 actually replied "do the women you usually date look like I do?"
    I was like WTF? really... I told her "yes, but none of them were as big of a cunt as you are"...
    I ended up dating the other 2. I also had 1 woman that actually asked me out earlier last year that, from her picture, again way out of my league.
    In all 3 cases when I saw them in person they were clearly not out of my league. they just had really good pictures.
    So I don't worry about that anymore.
    also, if I unhide my profile I will have multiple woman to chat with within 2 days and I can have a date within a week. So that has taken my self esteem and self confidence from zero to really pretty high.
    but after 11 women, sex with 4 I have found the woman that, if she doesn't dump me, I will marry. She is so beautiful I can't put it into words. she is amazing in every way.

  • Really? :-( I am 6'7" So you wouldn't date me JUST BECAUSE OF THAT!


    • Are you a teddy bear?

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    • We are usually small everywhere else too. My mom and friends are petite and have told me how awkward it is. Kissing puts the neck at a uncomfortable angle. There's a lot of reasons. Now if I was 5'9 or taller I wouldn't have a issue with dating someone 6'7.

    • ahh... well. I had a gf that was 4' 11" and that was never an issue... but anyway, it is what it is. I hope you find someone that fits you well... physically and more importantly, emotionally.

  • What i find intimidating with girl is her being unappreciated
    when i express my concern about her when she tells me
    she got health problems we start talking i say oh wow sorry
    to hear that than she jumps me and says oh well i don't need
    sympathize i been sick this way over 10 years or so than i
    express to her it's my way of showing i care than i get all quiet.

  • When they're ina gang or their parents are mobsters.

  • Posting the same question twice.

    • Since you probably didn't already know this my species is human and accidents are quite common.

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  • I don't find guys intimidating. The more amazing/successful as a person he is, the more interesting he becomes.

  • If the guy doesn't smile enough, I find that pretty intimidating. Or if he always has his hands in his pockets, makes him look hot but it's kinda creepy lol.