How does one act or behave in the presence of a woman/girl without coming off as "creepy"?

How is a guy supposed to behave as in facial expressions and use of words so as to not make the opposite sex feel "uncomfortable". Cause I'm afraid of saying anything to women because I fear that they will take it the wrong way and get mad at me or assume I am a creep.


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  • Just be cool. Don't overthink it, they're just other people. Respect boundaries physically and conversationally, but don't let it make you paranoid to a point where you come off awkward. The secret to talking to girls is to JUST TALK TO THEM. Have a normal conversation. You can gauge her feelings toward you and steer the conversation to a more flirtatious level if the situation warrants it. But don't mistake her interest in engaging you in conversation for an invitation. Girls usually make it known if they want you to hit on them, you just have to look for the signs. But that's chapter 2 stuff, the basic first step is to just converse with them like a normal human being without agendas or expectations. The smooth playboy approach is better left for the movies, that's going to be all over a real girl's radar. Just talk to them, try to present yourself in a positive light without showing off, ask her questions and keep the conversation interesting. Boredom = death with the ladies. And at the end of the day, all you can do is be yourself, and she's going to either take it or leave it. And know walking into it that 99% of girls are going to "leave it", and you can't take it personal, it just wasn't a match.

    I kind of lost sight of the original question, haha, but to answer that, keep a normal physical distance; don't seem overly intense or interested in her and follow her everywhere, and engage her friends she's with as well so you don't look like you just latched onto her;don't try to turn conversations sexual, or even flirtatious unless she's clearly flirting with you, in most instances she'll make her interest apparent; and just generally think to yourself "would a 'cool' guy do this?" Sounds corny, but that's really the root of it. You don't have to be suave or charismatic per se, but you have to NOT be creepy and off-putting. Be aware of yourself and how you're coming off. It's a delicate dance, but just stay cool and it'll just flow for you👍


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  • Usually it all boils down to your attractiveness. If the girl finds you 'physically attractive', then even cockiness on your part will make her think you're just flirting. On the other hand, if she finds you unattractive, then she's likely to label you 'creep' even if you say a simple 'hi'.

  • Gotta make female platonic friends. You'll interact with them and learn what female friendships / relationships are like.

    • @That-Guy
      Well I have no friends due to the fact that I live in a new city, and new country and new state plus I don't go anywhere since I am temporarily unemployed and don't have a car since like I stated I am new here in USA. I just want to know how to act or behave so that women don't feel uncomfortable around me.

    • Well you've listed the first steps to where you want to be. There's isn't a say "hi, and smile" advice that's going to get you to where you want to be.

      - work on getting employment, and building a friend circle. The best way is to just get out there and make some male and female friends. As your friend circle grows, you'll be introduced to new people!

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