Boyfriend doesn't offer to walk me to my car after a sleepover? And seems to be getting lazier in his efforts In general?

My boyfriend has always offered to walk me to my car after a sleepover and brunch. But that was when we were already out. This morning he suggested ordering breakfast delivery and watching a movie. We hadn't done that before, so I agreed. When it was time for me to go, he walked me downstairs. But even though my car is parked blocks away, he didn't offer to walk with me. At first I thought he was, but he said,"I was actually going to walk downstairs with you to get my paper. Do you want me to walk with you?" I declined because I rather it be something he wants to do in his own. Also, the last time I spent the night, I suggested getting taco truck for dinner. He said,"Let me know when you get to the truck." I said,"Did you want to walk with me." He said,"I'm naked." I said,"I was hoping you would walk with me.. And I joked "Both of us should suffer in the cold for tacos.:p It's only fair, I drove here." He said, "I thought you'd enjoy me waiting naked, guess I read you wrong" But he walked with me afterward and seemed to enjoy himself. But it seems weird that he was trying to get me to do all that without offering to accompany me. Especially since it has been so cold. Also, he's been less keen on going out on dinner dates in general lately. He'll just say,"If you want to". I also suggested taking a day trip, and he seemed enthusiastic about that idea. But he showed little interest in brainstorming ideas and had no opinions on my suggestions besides,"It all sounds good to me. Whatever you like." Is there something I can do to encourage him him to want to put more effort in again? What's his deal anyway? Additional details: I always go to his place because there is no privacy where I live. So I always drive over (7 min drive) He does insist on paying for more things because of this. He's sweet and attentive in other ways, and always makes an effort to satisfy me in bed)


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  • Hmmm Usually when that happens, I find it's best to start mirroring their actions, getting distant, and giving them a taste of their own medicine. If they really care about you then they will almost immediately get their sh*t together and cut that behavior out! In situations like that, it always seems better to SHOW THEM how you feel vs telling them. Chances are, if they really care about you, they'll ask if something is wrong or they'll put in that extra effort just because the relationship will begin to feel unpleasant and lame once you start mirroring them. If that doesn't work then I think that's when you should directly approach what's been bothering you and tell him how you feel. If he's still not getting it together, then leave his a**.

  • Be honest and just tell him what you want, he's not a mind reader. Or ask him if there's something wrong. Him getting lazier might reflect him caring less or getting more comfortable with you. Don't mirror his actions I think that's petty, talk to him instead.