Ladies if someone said (you're so lucky to be dating or to be married to your husband), would you take it as a little insult?

You always hear people say a guy is lucky to be dating a woman, but can it be the other way around sometimes like a woman can be lucky to be dating a guy?

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  • It's not an insult at all.. . it's a compliment, everyone is walking around lonely and wanting to fall in love with the right person who they can have their heart on their sleave and spew their guts out to without them assuming or being judged and criticsized, so... when your with someone and have actually made it with someone, you are indeed very very lucky, less and less of us make it with anyone, so take it as a compliment. If you take it as an insult you don't really understand that falling in love and being happy is one of the mutual things we all want.


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  • I'd definitely take it as a compliment, unless there was some ugly trait about him that no one else knew about (controlling, abusive)..

  • Yes, I would be like gee thanks are you trying to convince him that he too nice or too good for me that he needs to tone it done? He has room for improvements always will!!! GRRRR

    • But how would you feel if a guy took it as an insult if someone said he's lucky to have her? Like she's too good for him

    • I would just comfort him and say those people are jealous of our relationship and trying to cause conflict. People are rude.

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