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I'm in a long distance relationship. She has an ex who she talks to a lot. He tells he loves her calls her nicknames and sends her dick pics. She has been trying to find someone go to prom with her as friends and she can't find anyone she is going to take him. I have asked her not to take him but she says he is last my choice. I ask her to tell him about me but she won't cause she is afraid that he will kill her. I don't know if I should leave it alone or make her tell him. He also doesn't go to the same school so they never see each other in person.


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  • She has a choice, to stop interacting with him or not. She is choosing to talk to him and see him. Dump her. You can't trust her to prioritize you or how you feel about it, and what she is doing is disrespectful to your relationship.


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