Did I hurt him or I didn't?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 weeks. We were having a great conversation the he texted;
(1/2) (my name) i haven't told you this but i love you every day i go to school i worry if ill see you just to talk to you makes me happy and when you give me a
(2/2) hug i feel special that you care i love you (my name) i want you to know
I texted back;
Awe (his name) that's very sweet… I really appreciate that you told me how you feel.

Did I hurt him? Did he feel bad? Did I not hurt him?


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  • yes was an underwhelming response from you... tbh

    • Oh okay thanks for being honest^^

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  • no you didn't. C'mon you've been dating for three weeks! a little soon to be talking about love don't ya think? it's his fault. what did he expect?

    • Oh alright, you do have a point. Thanks