Is it weird that I don't really like relationships?

When guys hit on me, or I have a crush on a guy.. I don't like to go past flirting. Guys ask me out and I always say no. Before I'd make up excuses and now I straight up say no and that I'd never go out with them. Or like this guy and I.. We had a thing but we weren't exactly "talking talking" and I don't know why but I just don't want to be in a relationship with him. I do like him though. I think I come off as very flirty and so guys always flirt with me, even old guys. Guys my dad's age sometimes. Although I find getting hit on quite annoying sometimes I take advantage of guys and make them do things for me. This is mostly at work. I know that's wrong but it's easy for me because I don't care how they feel. That's another thing, I'm pretty blunt and careless. Which is apparently something some guys find attractive? They think I'm being sassy. Well aside from all that, some guy the other day asked if I was asexual because I kept refusing to go on a date with him. I just don't like dates or relationships. Am I weird? Also, I don't see myself ever getting married. And yes I've been in a relationship before. Just not my. thing?


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  • I have the same problem- guys asking me out makes me nauseous lol. But now, I decided that maybe I do want a relationship. For years I swore I wanted a boyfriend but freaked whenever a guy was nice to me. And I recently messed things up with a guy I really like, and it made me realize that I do want someone. Maybe you just aren't ready for a relationship right now or are content being single. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe you'll decide to take a chance and say yes one day. You're not weird at all. Good luck.


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