I love my ex but what's wrong with him? PLEASEEEE HELP PLEASE?

We broke up 3 months ago because he lost his feelings for me and he said I deserve better. We remain friends and contact e/o often. Lately we always hug and kiss e/o on the cheek. Yesterday morning he kissed my lips, said he missed me a lot, and thank me for sticking around him. That evening, he saw me walking with a guy (he once asked me who this guy is cuz he saw me and that guy together a few times). Then that night he text me saying "Let's just be friends, nothing more". What's going on why did he change his mind so fast? What should I do?


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  • he probably wants to be with you again, but it most likely is a temporal feeling, considering how bad you broke up the first time. and if i were you, i'd just try to forget about him, again considering how you broke up and what he told you when breaking up with you

    • It wasn't a bad breakup. We stayed friends until now. We moved things too fast in the first place he got cold feet that's why he wanna break up because he feels like I deserve a better man than him. He was very caring ablut me...

    • oh okay. it was a misunderstanding. when you said he said i deserve better, i thought that "i" means him not you. so make what i said exactly the opposite! show him that you still like him and you put him ahead of the others, especially the one you mentioned who has made him jealous

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  • Girl, he's being really self-centered, inconsiderate, and stringing you along whether he means to or not. By breaking up with you yet insisting on keeping you around, you have essentially been demoted: Displaced, downgraded, reduced in rank. I know it's hard to hear, but it's true and it's best for you to absorb this truth instead of deluding yourself about what is happening. It is absolutely inappropriate and entirely self-absorbed for someone to dump you yet insist on "being friends" so they can still benefit and enjoy the parts of you they like. So they get the benefit of having your presence during their healing process yet their presence impedes your healing process because you still have feelings for them. It's not right, it's not cool, and it's not something you should willingly accept.

    What basically happened is that he dumped you yet he wanted you to stay some pitiful, needy, weak female who waits around for him and still wants him. Then when he saw you with another guy, he got butt hurt, his ego got punctured, and he decided to revert back to his original choice. He's toying with your heart and it's BS. Stop giving him the opportunity to hurt you and cut him off for good.