Tinder - tell me more about it?

I am planning to join Tinder and would like to know more about it.
1. Is it only for hooking up or you can also find there people, who are looking serious relationship? If yes, then any tips how can you identify them?
2. How long you message someone in average before you go on a date?
3. Have you had situations where you have found there your crush (someone you know in real life)? If yes, did you swipe left or right?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Some people are looking to hookup, some people are looking for a relationship. Most people are just looking for fun, talk, meet up for a date and see where it goes, nothing serious. Hookup people, if you're looking at men, usually post topless photos.

    2. It can be anything. For me it only takes a few hours of conversation to know if I would be interested in talking to them more, and if you want to talk to them why waste time texting when you can just see them.

    3. Never happened but I'd swipe right if it's a crush, left if it's just someone i know.

    A lot of the time you will get talking to people, maybe talk for a few days and genuinely get along, but then never hear from them again. But it's no big deal. It's a fast app and if you take too long to reply or nothing is initiated it's easy to find someone else and move on. Same goes for being asked on a date, they might ask you out but then you never hear from them again. but it's usually okay because there's so many people to choose from on there.


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  • This will sum up your experience pretty well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ0Sa3Z66fA

    • I know lots of people who get messages like this but I have only had polite guys, so don't worry.

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    • I aimed the don't worry at the asker.

    • hmm... I'm still going to pretend like you were looking out for me...

  • It's a online place where losers that have problems communicating in reality congregate

  • I use it for either, it just depends on the girl that I'm talking to at the moment.


What Girls Said 2

  • I know this is no help, but both my sisters use it and they tell me most guys just want to trade nude photo's or hook up so they rarely go on it anymore.

  • 1. I’ve met a couple of guys off tinder. One of them I ended up dating for 6 months, and another I dated for 3 months - although they were pretty casual (but exclusive) relationships. I’d say that it’s unlikely that you’d find a long-term, serious relationship on tinder. Most people just want to hookup.
    2. I think it depends on you and the guy. There have been nights were I’ve not had anything to do, so I’ll agree to go on a date with a guy I only matched with that morning. But most of the time I’d say that I match with a guy, we exchange numbers, text for a bit and then maybe go on a date after a week. It depends.
    3. Yeah, I’ve seen people I know in real-life on tinder. I saw my ex there, as well as a colleague. Every time I see someone I know, I swipe right. Purely out of curiosity.

    Give it a go, but I wouldn’t expect to find the love of your life there!