Girls, How did you meet your boyfriend and develop feelings for him? Or how did you meet and develop feelings for your ex?

Did you know your boyfriend for much time before he became your boyfriend?

Were you friends first and after spending time together did you develop feelings after? If so, how long before you developed feelings?

Did you meet him by chance, then begin a relationship very early on?

Did you meet him once then spend a long time on different paths only to cross paths with him by chance much later? And only after seeing him the second time did you develop feelings for him?

Or did you have a boyfriend (now ex) before and meet him through your ex? And did you develop feelings for him after the breakup when in reality you had thoughts about him before you were single again?

Or if it was some other scenario how did you meet him, and how did you become infatuated with him?


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  • My current boyfriend and I new each other during high school. But since he was so quiet, big, and stocky, he scared me half to death so we never talked in high school even though we were in the same class, and had the same friends. (dorming high school).

    I was dating another guy in my class and he was dating someone else by our senior year. Some months after we graduated, we both ended up breaking up with them around the same and just started talking to each other through txting. We talked for maybe 5 months. Around that time, our high school alumni weekend was coming up and he said he'd pick me up and we could both go together. So we went and had a blast together. And then we started dating, right after that weekend ended, and we are still dating for 4 years now. 3 of those years were long distance, but now we live in the same area.

    It's funny we started dating, not because he asked me, but he simply said something like "since we are dating now, when's the next time you want to see each other again?" lol And I liked it. So I rolled with it.


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  • Wow so many questions!!!
    I dont have any stories for you

    • I asked all the questions to help you remember. Have you ever had a boyfriend? If it was a few months or less, that doesn't count.

  • For me, I never know my boyfriends much before they became my boyfriends, it is always crush at first sight. I see this person and I get all nervous and just know that I would feel so sad and miserable if he doesn't like me. I never ever have develop romantic feelings for platonic guy friends. It always goes like this: (1) I meet him and I know I would feel so miserable if he doesn't like me (2) I found out he likes me, I am so glad! THEN (3) we go on dates. I guess I become infatuated with the idea "what if he doesn't like me?" It felt like the end of the world at first, but then I am on cloud 9 everyday subsequently.

    I have always been in long term relationships... only started trying to date as of late, but I notice if my date is nicer to me, I have more positive regard towards them. In general I think its easier to like someone that demonstrate emotional generosity. I don't feel safe to open myself up to them if they don't appear to care about my well being on a personal level... otherwise the dates are all just "hi, how are you? good to know you and nice to meet you"

    Would like to hear from the guy's perspective too please...


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