So is the deal with some girls that they will never text first? also 2nd Q in description (?

with most girls i talk to they flat out will never start a conversation even if they want to talk. What is the deal with that?
2) if a girl decides to exclusively talk to other people at a gather when they have being talking to a guy the last few gatherings is that a warning sign that she's decided she's not interested? granted when i asked her at the end when people where going what was up she said she was having a bad week, but she wasn't having a bad week with the other people?


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  • 1) This is standard operating procedure.
    2) It's a pretty good sign, but if you act like it bothers you it will definitely turn her away. Don't pull ploys to make her jealous/prove it doesn't bother you, because she will see right through it and you'll look ridiculous. Just be casual, like "hey I didn't get to talk to you much, sorry about that" or whatever. It's nice of you to care how she's doing.

    I don't think she's interested in you, I'm sorry. Good luck anyways.


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