Long Distance Relationship?

Is it really weird of me be pursuing a relationship with a British woman? I just find them so much more charming and caring than the ones I meet in the US. And, I find their accents utterly irresistible.
Any friendly Brits please feel free to drop me a line on here.


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  • Unless either you or the British girl you're in a relationship with or just talking to are willing to move to the other's country, or you both move to a different country (like Canada for example), at SOME point, it will not last.

    • That's real. For the right girl I'd definitely move. British women just really do it for me.
      I was actually hoping to meet some on here, but I don't know. Plenty of Fish has not been helpful.

  • just dont trust her, dont get bound to her unless you meet her irl, i did that mistake once

    • I had one that was real that got away. It took me a long time and a few Skype sessions before I completely believed she was who she said she was.
      Good advice though. Thanks.

    • yeah, i had a girlfriend from germany which then turned out to be a gay dude which somehow used the sound of a girl and this went on for 2 years...