Should I definitely dump him if he's still actively using online dating (messaging women) after 2 months of dating?

Yes, I had suspicion so I created fake online profile and can see he is online every day, often for a long time and messages the fake profile.

Now I don't know what to do with this info. I'm serious about him in the sense that I like him a lot, enough that I deleted my profile from the dating website and am only interested in seeing and talking to him.

He does spend time with me and it's great. We talk about future plans and seem great in most ways, yet he's still clearly looking for someone/something else.

Am I stupid/naive to still be into him? Should I walk away now? Should I not worry or be upset because it's so early on in the "relationship"? Should I confront him?

Lost, hurt, confused.

Please help.


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  • Until a woman tells me she wants to be exclusive I never stop dating other women. In my experience it takes women almost 2 months for a woman to start falling in love and that's when they usually bring it up to me. Have you clearly stated to him that you want to be exclusive yet?

    • No, I just figured it was natural that we've met each others friends and are otherwise close that he wouldn't be looking

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    • girls* lol

    • I'm not wrong, it's just that you don't like it. :) You don't have any context here... are they having sex, are they in love? You don't just stop dating other people and potentially miss the man or woman of your dreams just because someone "likes you a lot". Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship — If she's falling for him and wants him and only him then she needs to communicate that. She'll find out real quick if he doesn't value loyalty or commitment from his dating profile activity.

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  • Still looking for someone just a little better than you... this will not stop.. even if he really like you


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  • yeah walk away. you can do it

  • yes. he's untrustworthy.