Been seeing eachother for 4 months and haven't met his friends?

I'm wondering if this is normal this early in the relationship. He said he considers us to be in a relationship. I met his friends in the large meet-up community we're part of, but none of his outside friends. Not even his close friend from childhood. Anytime I tried inviting him to social gatherings, he has had excuses like not feeling well. He's very introverted though and hardly ever sees his long-time friends. He had mentioned hanging out with friends for a birthday party and a celebratory dinner for someone who had a baby but I have no been invited. Is this necessarily a bad sign?


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  • I think its not a big deal to meet friends and family... its more important is he has talk about future and where the relationship is headed.. for people our age, we are all established in terms of educations, career, living situations, financial situations, for the most part. There is no point dating someone indefinitely if after 4 months there is no talk about future.

  • It's pretty normal.
    Give him time. Eventually he'll open up more and will be willing to meet your friends. As well as you meeting his close friends.