What does it feel like to have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?

What are the pros and cons of having a boyfriend/girlfriend?


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  • Its amazing if its love..
    Having a bf/ gf without being in love but thinking you are is probably going to be hell..
    My boyfriend and i Are currently in love and we always consider eachothers feelings and change for one another simply to avoid arguing and to stay in eachothers lives happily for a very long time he was also my bestfriend before we started so now weve already told eachother everything and still do ! All that led to being engaged to my bestfriend ❤️❤️

    • Awee this is so cute. ☺ Thanks for your thoughts & advice.

    • Welcome and ik its hard to believe it myself i feel blessed everyday omg im going to cry right now just thinking about it lol thanks for MHO !! :)

    • Haha you're welcome :) & I wish you two the best. You're one lucky girl ! ☺

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