Told him I liked him alot?

so i told my mate i liked him he responded by saying what do i mean alot?

how do i respond? is it a bad thing?


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  • you have to be careful with this one... his response shows an unwillingness to reveal his feelings, even if he doesn't have any. If he had no issues with it his response should or maybe would have been something like, i like you too silly. but it wasn't. tread lightly on what you say after this. I wouldn't say its a bad thing but I just dont think its a great thing either

    • i just said he was really funny and made me smile thats all

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    • if he has a girlfriend, then stay away from that mess. be his friend. if you feel you are catching feelings, then YOU need to pull away. he is a typical guy with opening closing etc etc.

    • i am being his friend but i give it a month or two before it ends im not getting involed at all!! its frustrating... cos he likes me.. ill be his mate ill be there when it ends yano..

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