What can I be with this talent... I feel lost?

i'm good at drawing... very good but what can i become with that? its very frustrating... what can i become?


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  • You can be an artist, an animator ( if you like drawing cartoons ), a product designer (if you want to make products of your own and sell it on the internet), a graphic designer ( designing websites , make color patterns and print it on a fabric, designing book covers etc.), go on YouTube and make videos of you drawing, become an Art director in a film ( you know, designing scenes) , a stylist ( because if you are good at drawing you are good at matching colors and styles) , or a graphic artist in a video game ( just draw with software, personally I really like hidden object games, have you heard of Eipix? I like their artists), or if you are into drama, do prop art for dramas, or a cake decorator, (just draw with fruits and chocolates etc., yum) I will probably think of more after I just sent this message, but for now these are all I can think of.

    And honestly, drawing is a talent, it's actually the talent of creating things that hasn't been thought of, there's a lot of things you can create! <3 I am an Art student myself, and this is a subject I never regret taking.^W^


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  • You could go be an illustrator for Disney for like $11 an hour. lol


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  • I'm an illustrator.. Art is all I ever knew growing up. Not tooting my own horn but I'm very good.. I have clients for commissioned pieces are all over the US and some in Canada & the UK. I got my degree in it too but it ended up being a limited field with little opportunity.. Sadly though now at 47 I regret not going into a field that applied my talents vs art alone, if I had a chance to do it over I'd be an art teacher in school or a psychologist specializing in art therapy. Really explore everything you love and see how together they can lead you to the right career for you. Graphic arts is another avenue too. Speak to a career counselor. Good luck!

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