When i'm with him, I feel good, but when i'm not, I feel its wrong.. help?

I'm dating this guy, gone on around 5-6 dates, and i'm not really sure what to do.. When i'm with him, its just so nice to be touched, have someone to laugh and talk with. to snuggle.. But as soon as i'm on my own again, i keep thinking its wrong. It doesn't feel right. I'm thinking maybe i just need to get laid, but that would be really.. bitchy of me to do, when he thinks of it as something more. I dont think i'm attracted to him, but he is just so nice, and we have a great time together.

I keep going back and forth, and i dont know what to do. :(


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  • Yeah this is like pitty love. Break up with him asap. Its worst to lead him on or break his heart

  • Conditional love. Leave.


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