Any such thing as a risk-free first kiss?

Is there any way to know for sure that a girl is ready to be kissed for the first time? Any way to be 99.99% sure, little to no chance of rejection?

When should a guy feel comfortable just going for it?


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  • Too make sure you don't get rejected when you try to kiss a girl you should try to read her body language first and you should have built some kind of comfort level with that girl before you go for the kiss.

    For instance. If you haven't even touched the girl in any way it's more likely that you will get rejected. I don't mean touch as in groping her or anything sexual at all. I mean casual things like touching her arm, shoulder, knee etc. Girls do this all the time when they try to signal interest.

    A classic example of a girl interested is then she laughs at a joke you make and at the same time she touches your arm, shoulder or similar. This is her showing that she is comfortable around you. A girl that has touched you like this and not have been creeped out with you touching her the same way will most likely not reject when you kiss her.

    Take small steps to build comfort and try not to jump the gun.

    Build comfort by escalating touching (nothing sexual in this stage). Notice how she responds when you touch her. Make longer eye contact. Notice how she looks at you. How she positions her body and head in relation to you. All this builds up to a kiss and if you take notice and follow all the steps you don't have to worry that she will reject you because her body language and behaviour have already said yes.

    Good luck making out :)


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  • There isn't a single sign or thing you can do to gaurantee your not rejected. But there are things you can do to make sure it happens less:

    - Practice with other girls (that they know nothing is happening, you just want practice and they accept that)

    - Look for non-verbal clues that she is comfortable (being close, looking at your lips, holding on to you etc)

    - Timing is right (meaning you didn't just fart)

    If you want to kiss her, and you really like her and think it will go somewhere (meaning you didn't just meet her, etc) then just give her a kiss when the timing is right. Slow and semi-pressured will ensure a good response (not to hard to break her teeth, and not to soft to show you don't mean the kiss)

    Just tilt her head up there and stare at her lips, she knows what's coming- lay it on her =)

    Best regards,


  • I learned this fool-proof kiss test from a dating guru. If you're in a moment that feels like a good kiss attempt moment (ie. sitting close, talking, maybe legs are touching) then try touching her hair while you're talking to her. If she let's you touch her hair and doesn't move away from you then she's ready for a kiss. This has worked for me every time I've used it. This has even gotten some girls to kiss me before I even had the chance to go in for a kiss!