Why would a guy just dump you? And could he deserve a second chance?

My ex broke up with me in December. And gave so many lame reasons... And we had such a connection and great friendship that told him whenever I missed him and wasn't over him... And now three months later I've almost fully healed.

to come full circle on my healing I decided to call him yesterday after a month of no contact and ask him why we broke up. Asked him what he tells people when they ask why we aren't together. And I asked him to be brutal.

he told me that he never has an answer for why we broke up. And he regretted the break up when it happened and still regrets it now.

how possible is it that he means it?


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  • Stay away. IF he waned to contact you, he would have.


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  • Bullshit. He just tried several other girls that rejected him and now he comes back to you to get advantage of your weakness. Don't fall for it.


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  • Yes, it's possible that he meant it. But he broke up with you once. Usually when they can't give a valid reason, the break up happened because they just weren't feeling the attraction. The love, if you will. And that's something you can't force, no matter how much you want it. Love and desire don't listen to logic! And trying to force it only leads to frustration. You are already through the hardest part of the break up; just move on to someone new who wants you as much as you want them.

    • We were in a long distance relationship at the time of the break up. 4 hour difference.

      I know its no excuse cause for me the love was still there through distance and time. So I think you are right. I should be with someone that would still feel me from a distance.

      I consider my self a person that respects herself a lot and I think if I went back with him I'd get stuck thinking that that's the kind of relationship I deserve... Where I'm disposable. And yeah I'm done with the worst part so I will move on.

      saddens me though. He was my gentle giant and I love the idea of what we had.

    • Yeah... long distance doesn't matter when both of you truly feel the love and are committed to each other. If he was honest and upfront with you about his feelings, or even if he had admitted to you that he didn't even know why he did it, and apologized, that might be different. But it sounds like he's just over it. So I would saying moving on is probably best for both of you. :/ I am sure you will find someone new soon!

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