Is she just trying to make me feel better or something, when I'm not able to spend time with her?

So, there's this girl who I like A LOT, and she knows how I feel about her and she clearly likes me in a way, but not on the same level (unfortunately), but we text daily, talk about everything and confide etc. We're really close.

Whenever she goes out with other people (no dating involved), everytime she comes back, she tells me that she really didn't have much fun and finds those guys annoying or something, and then proceeds to go out with me instead (not a date..).

Is she just being considerate and telling me in her own way that it wasn't a date and she'd rather be around me and would want to me feel better for not being able to come too? (she knows that I would have wanted to go with her), or is she really just telling me that she didn't just enjoy her time with them. And this, happens 99% of the time.


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  • Based on the things you shared, I believe she simply considers you a friend she enjoys hanging out with.


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