Do you want them to make the effort too and fight for you?

Guys, if a girl you've made effort with and flirted with daily for months, then tells you she doesn't feel connected to you anymore because you haven't spoken on the phone in a while... (but you've spoken daily via text)...

In your mind, do you think she's not into you anymore? Doesn't see potential In you? So you say you can't see anything romantic happening anymore, she replies that she hasn't mentioned anything romantic, she's just used to talking to you now... did you want her to make the effort for a change? Do you feel you're just there to pass the time?


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  • White guy flirts with white girl - no one bats an eye.

    black guy flirts with white girl - no one bats an eye.

    Indian guy flirts with white girl - "omg what a creep"


    • This is a racist comment and it makes no sense. It also has no relevance to my question.

    • I agree it's racist due to the fact that the Indian guy is treated badly due to his ethnicity and the racist stereotypes applied to him by white people.

    • You're being racist towards white people assuming that we're all racist towards Indian people! For all you know I could be Indian. I am actually white but my recent ex of 4 years is Indian. He's not racist towards white people. It's just skin colour.

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