Am I screwing this up or I'm doing it right?

I met this girl a couple of months ago at a party with a friend. He got her number and tagged both of us in some pictures we took. I never asked for her phone number nor his FB because we didn't really talked that much. I don't consider we had that click as to ask for it and I thought I was going to see her again soon. Since my friend never invited me again to one of their meeting I contacted her through FB and asked her info about her church with the idea of seeing her there sometime. this was about two weeks ago and I haven't texted her again. I just don't think it is proper to be texting her when she didn't gave me her FB nor her phone number. My plan is to greet her one day I see her at church and see how things go from there. Would you consider a person like me rude or cold for not texting again? Am I screwing this up? Am I doing it right?

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  • You are overthinking it, which is a form of fear. Texting her is a bit weird but, messaging her on Facebook is what it is for! Don't worry too much about messaging her especially since Facebook is a SOCIAL MEDIA platform where everyone can and may be able to contact her as well. If you stop messaging her and the conversation went extremely well then it leaves the girls imagination to understand why you stopped messaging her. (That isn't a good thing). Just have fun and talk to her!

    • I think there is a difference between contacting her and keeping in touch with her. Sure you can reply to random people who contact you for any reason but would you keep in touch with them if you only saw them once?

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